Client: LocalBuzz Date: 2018 Nov Services: App Development, UI Design, UX Design

LocalBuzz is a location-based media platform (mobile app ) which seeks to provide location Based content to users. Content which is both relevant and useful to them wherever they are. This content is curated information which could be general information or deals from our user’s points and places of interest such as where they dine or shop and also from their utility providers such as the cable company or their telecom service provider.

Users only have to sign up on the app via their social platforms (Google+ and Facebook) whereby their account is created. They can now select their geographical locations such as where they live or work and also be able to follow their places of interest such as where they shop or dine. Through our push notification enabled app, our users can now receive content curated for their locations and from their places of interest ensuring that our users are more informed on content that matters to them.

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