Phone Basics 101

Warning … The views expressed in this blog are mine. 🙂

I know you may think this is a stupid blog but if you were me, you would probably have shot someone. Good thing you’re not me.  I have mastered the art of anger management. I am awesome like that. At least that’s what I tell myself. 😀

We live in an era where we have smartphones and ‘Stupid’ people.

Mobile phones are evolving and the features keep getting better and better. The problem is humans are getting dumber and dumber (Forgive me for speaking the truth). The things you can do with your a smartphone are beyond amazing. Well that’s if you are willing to use your brain and your phone and the possibilities are endless. You need to think beyond WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I am not saying they are bad but they do make people zombies of social network.

Buying a phone is like buying an underware. You don’t want it too tight neither too loose. You want the perfect fit. It’s the same logic you should  use when you’re going to get a pair of shoe of a trouser. You try it out first before you buy it. Okay at least that is what I do. Simple; yes? That is the same thing you need to do before you buy a phone. Try it out.

Everyone has a style which somehow describes who they are. This should helps you decide what kind of phone you should purchase (It goes beyond mobile phones…. Buying a computer, designing your house or even your workspace). Knowing who you are helps you tap into your chi and you look like a ninja. Not because you are one but because you are one with your environment.

I have had ‘friends’ who have bought phones and two weeks down the line they complaining. Tom my phone is slow. Tom my phone hangs The reasons are always the same. In most cases I already know what they are about to ask but I have to be all calm and collected. I will share a few tips and tricks and make you look like a ninja. 🙂

So let’s get started.

  1. Don’t Download Apps You Don’t Need: As obvious as you may think this is, it’s not. Trust me, it’s true, Common sense is not common to everyone. Let me break it down to you. I have seen ‘Humans’ download apps like Skype and the phone does not have a front camera…..  Why… Why put your phone through all that trouble. All in the name of looking ‘cool’. Just because you realised there are 1,000,000 app out there does not mean you need all of them. Before you click download,  ask yourself. “When will I use Application X?”
  2. Choose A Phone That Fits Your Style: Before you purchase anything, you need to have the answer to the following questions at the back of your mind. at least that is what I do and it works for me.
  • What’s does a normal day  look like for me?
  • What do I like doing?

App Kind of guy
Hacking (Yes. Your phone can do that.)
Recording Videos
Listening to Music

If you can answer that then that will help you figure out what kind of phone suits you.

These are just basic examples of what of who you can be with your phone. In almost all scenario, you will need ‘Enough’ Storage.

  1. The Photographer : If you like taking photos,  there is no way you will buy a phone with a 2 MP (Mega Pixel) camera. You want clear photos not blurry ones. I have seen photos in social media that should be taked down. Clarity is king. Some people should be shot for the photos they post. You end up killing your brain cells trying to figure out what the image is all about. A picture is worth a thousand words. There are couple of phones that are rule in taking photos. Nokia Lumia 1020, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5SHTC M8 . There is a new kid in the hood Samsung K Zoom. You also need to consider phone storage capacity.
  2. The Reader/Blogger: If you like reading or blogging you need a phone with a good storage size. You might need to store your articles on your device. It should have ‘big’ display if you can afford a tablet why not.
  3. The Video Human: If you like recording videos you need a phone with a good camera and enough space and if your internal storage os not enough get an SD Card. (If you take videos in portrait mode, please stop.. please.)
  4. The Gamer: If you are a gamer, like playing games on your phone. By Games I mean Need 4 Speed, Fifa 2014, Dead Trigger, COD…. Hardcore games 😉 (I have nothing against candy crash or angry birds) you need a phone with good processing power, good display and at least ‘enough’  storage. It’s never enough though. Some games take up to 2GB of space.
  5. The Hacker (Me): There is a never ending war between Androidians and iPhoneians. Why can’t we all live in peace ?? Moving on… If you like experimenting on your phone, installing a Custom ROM , Rooting your device which gives you the latest and cool custom features on your phone. (This is just a tip of the iceberg) Think of it as putting a jet engine in a Vitz. Well to put it into context,  running Kit kat 4.4.2 on a Huawei Ideos. This was my first Android Smart Phone R.I.P. If that’s you, you need a platform that gives you that ability… android_jokerThere is only one kid in the block that does that Android is King . This is because it’s Open Source.
  6. The Undecided: If you ‘like it simple’ you can still get any Android or  Windows device. Windows… Bluuurgh. Then there is the iPhone. It has the ‘Classy’ Lable on it. On the other hand it has an awesome User Experience. Have an open mind and stop thinking like a developer and you will see what I am talking about.
  7. The Apps Guy: One thing I love about the Android platform is that is has 1,000 + 1 free apps. Of course there are paid apps if you need an extra kick. The Play Store has almost all the apps you can think of. iPhone on the other hand. mmmh…



Don’t just busy a phone. Okay you can do that if you have the paper or better yet, help save the Elephants or something.

If you are like me, you need to do some soul searching before you purchase a Mobile phone. Some humans have a habit of going to a retailer and asking for the best/latest phone. Big mistake. They have sales targets to meet so they will sell you a device that helps them get a bigger paycheck at the end of the month.

Your phone should tell me who you are by looking at the kind of phone and apps you have.

Google is working on Project Ara. If you know what Lego blocks are, this should not be hard to grasp. Think of this phone as the only phone you will never need to buy. You will only need to replace or upgrade parts on your phone. Let me break it down.

Say you like taking photographs and your current phone has 8 MP but there is a new handset that has 20 MP. Or what if you needed a phone with a bigger screen but you have a phone that has a keypad. I am guessing your plan is to get rid of your current phone and get the latest phone. Yes ?…

Project Ara is here to take away your pain. 😀 😀 All you will need to do is get a module upgrade for the camera or get rid of your keypad and replace it with a touchscreen. Upgrade your Front Camera, Storage Space, Bluetooth Module.


Now this is the Ultimate phone. Design it just for you kind of style. I can’t wait to see what becomes of it.


Letter to Google,

Dear Google, Did I ever tell you how awesome you are. I would marry you right now if only my folks would allow. Anyhuuuu, please give me one of those puppies to at least take her for her test drive. I will be good to her. Look I already have a name for her. I will call her  Khaleesi (She will be the mother of all dragons) :-D. I will push it to the limit. (Scouts Honor). I have been a good boy.  I have never used any other search engine other than Google or any other product. That counts as a good boy. Yes? I know you know how to contact me. You invented Gmail. Feel free to ping me anytime.   🙂

Yours Truly,

Loyal Google Fan.


That’s all folks. I have to go save the world.


  1. James August 1, 2014 at 3:47 PM

    hehe as you like saying…”A phone is as smart as you are!”

  2. Sharon August 28, 2014 at 9:49 AM

    Veeery true, I’m no wizard but i share a thing or two on your sentiments.

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