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November 2014

Shh – Hide the blue double check of WhatsApp

Read WhatsApp in Incognito mode.
No blue double check.
With internet enabled. No tricks. Just works.

On Thursday on Nov. 6, WhatsApp introduced the infamous blue double check, that has outraged users all around the globe. Well I found a really cool app and it works like a charm 🙂 I will get in trouble for this but hey, let me take one for the team. Let me save some relationships 😀


Don’t get me wrong, Shh is not a replacement for WhatsApp. Shh let’s you read your WhatsApp messages in Incognito mode. No double check. And definitely no blue double check. Simple as that 🙂

No need to turn off the internet connection or be in offline mode, you can hide your WhatsApp status while reading your messages. Your friends will never know you read them. Whenever you want, just open WhatsApp to be able to reply as usual. Only at that point, when you open Whatspp, you will leave our Incognigo mode, so your friends will see the blue double check. They will not know you already read them before. It works too with hide last seen whatsapp.

Is it not pretty cool? No read receipts, no blue check marks, no check ticks, no blue ticks or last seen conection.

This is what I always do now: read my messages in Incognito mode, and go to WhatsApp when I’m ready to reply. Pretty simple.
Download it from the Playstore.

Swipe To Refresh Layout – Android

In the latest revision of the android support library came out with an interesting new layout SwipeRefreshLayout which implements the famous pull-down-to-refresh pattern. In the following tutorial I will show you how to implement it with a ListView and avoid some pitfalls.


To use this new layout you will need to have at least the android support library with at least revision 19.1.

First we need to import the support library project to our workspace and then add it to your main project as a library.


Let’s Write Some Code

First we need to create a layout XML file:

Next step is to add some java code in your Activity or Fragment.

We are almost there, just a few more lines of code.
If you try to refresh, your will be able to see the animation and your list would be updated. However, if scroll down in your list and try to go up again the swipe to refresh would be triggered again and you won’t be able to go back to the top of your list. This is annoying. You don’t want an angry user. Here is a fix for that.

We force the layout to refresh only when the very first item of the list is fully visible. To do this we assign an OnScrollListener to our ListView after the initialization of our swipe to refresh layout.

Now you are ready.

Go forth and master the art of Swiping. 😀